Include a sharing option

A share button is a must on all your online channels. At the very least, it should be present on your website, blog posts, and newsletter. After all, you want to reach as many people as possible with your content. You can do this by sharing and discussing your content, for example in the comments. The more you interact with a post, the higher or more relevant the search engines rate it. As you can see: a share button on popular social networks is essential.

Complete your contact page

Google and your customers prefer websites with full contact details. This includes your company name, address, telephone number, email address, and opening times of your business. Make sure that the e-mail address and telephone number are integrated as links so that you are automatically forwarded when you click. This makes it easier to reach you. Avoid using a contact form that asks for too much information as this will increase the bounce rate. If you are active on social media, link your accounts as well. In addition, a route map is always practical and is welcomed.

Optimization for voice assistants

Search queries via voice assistants are increasing rapidly. Voice assistant optimization is therefore part of search engine optimization today. While you can ignore the first results in the search results and scroll further as a human being, voice assistants hardly ever do this. Therefore, a good ranking is even more important here. Your keywords have to be tweaked to achieve this. This is because queries via voice assistants are different from those made via keyboards. Spoken language consists of complete sentences, is faster and colloquial, whereas when typing, specific and short groups of words are searched for. Keep this in mind.

Improve the page loading speed

The loading speed of your website is another important factor if you want to improve the online presence of your SME. This is because loading times have a strong influence on your ranking. Users are more likely to leave your site if it is slow. Search engines will notice this and rank you lower. To learn more about digital marketing for small businesses,