What could be nicer in summer than cruising on Lake Havasu on your jet ski or exploring the beautiful lake landscape by sailboat? But at some point, the summer comes to an end and the water sports equipment has to be properly stored. A self-storage facility for boat storage in Mohave County is the perfect solution for this. Specialized boat storage units will ensure your boat is kept in optimal conditions so it is ready to be used next summer.

Care and maintenance before storage

Before storing a boat, it must first be thoroughly cleaned and cared for. Of course, this also applies to other water sports equipment such as canoes and surfboards. The key to storing boats is keeping them dry. Under no circumstances should you transport your boat from Lake Havasu to your boat storage unit immediately after the last sailing trip.

First, put the boat somewhere where it can dry out thoroughly. You use this time to clear out the boat of dirt and debris. Thoroughly scrub and ventilate the cabin, leaving open any closets, boxes, and other spaces in the boat.

Remember to also drain the cooling water from the motor and - if available - to drain the pump and hoses of the drinking water. The boat should only be stored when all parts are dry. If possible, polish the boat thoroughly with a special wax to seal it from the outside.

Check the boat for fungal growth

Fungal growths thrive particularly well in a warm, humid environment. This is particularly noticeable in boats, canoes, and other watercraft in the form of mold and mildew stains. Before storing your boat or canoe, be sure to check it for fungal infections. Some sponges survive a long time in dry conditions so that they are inactive during storage but start to grow as soon as they are exposed to the humid spring air. Save yourself the trouble by treating your boat with an appropriate fungus remedy. If the fungus has already eaten its way too deeply into the wood, it may be necessary to replace the corresponding wooden part.