There are various types of extensions, which are adapted according to the needs of each woman. The most common types of extensions available today include:

Clip extensions: These are very popular for their simplicity in wearing and taking them off. They are suitable for daily wear or special occasions. You can put them on yourself very easily at home. They are several strips of hair of different sizes, which have small clips sewn on that are hooked to your hair like any hairpin or hair clip.

Fixed extensions: These require a specialist professional for their installation. These extensions are to be worn every day until you decide to take them off in a maximum of 3/4 months. To remove them, you will also have to go to a professional especially if you have never taken them off before. Using the wrong technique risks damaging your natural hair.

Pigtail extensions: If you love ponytails, but don’t have long hair, pigtail extensions are your best option. They are very easy to wear and take you about a minute to attach.

Bang extensions: If you like to wear bangs don't want to cut your hair, these hairpieces are ideal. They are also a very economical option that will last you a long time.

Hair extension installation tips

Place on clean, dry hair. It is recommended to wash the hair thoroughly beforehand hair with a deep cleaning shampoo or if we do not have this type, with an anti-grease shampoo to ensure that the hair is free from dirt and oil buildup.

Brush the extensions daily with a soft bristle brush to prevent hair breakage. With this type of brush, we will prevent it from tangling and breaking. Brushing should be done starting at the ends, then moving up to the middle of the hair, ending at the roots.

It is also advisable to make a braid or pigtails to go to sleep. In this way, we prevent hair from getting tangled while we sleep. For more information on human hair extensions in LA visit Voel Hair.