Struggling to interpret facts and figures related to business management? Visualization could be key.

There are plenty of reasons why investing in data visualization software is a great idea for your firm. The modern world is driven by the digital, and without the ability to store, access, review, and interpret data, we are at risk of falling behind.

Regardless of sector or industry, data is what drives our online world. We need to know who visits our site, for how long and why. We need to know what our consumer demographic is shopping for, what they appreciate in our products, and what they don’t like. Once we have that data, we also need ways to extrapolate it and interpret it that make sense.

The Effectiveness of Data Visualization

Data visualization has been referred to as one of the ‘fundamental tools of data science, according to professors at MIT[i]. It refers to the way we present data findings in graphs and charts, or any other visually stimulating technique which makes it easier for us to interpret results.

Since we are living in a digital world, data visualization solutions are generally refined to analytical data returned by monitoring business operations. Businesses tend to choose KPIs that they can then monitor over a period of time. This allows performance tracking which, through data visualization solutions, allows us to see how our companies are doing.

Visualization allows the 65% of the population believed to be visual learners to easily interpret data. To keep things fair, data scientists have collated a list of principles to be followed for the visualizations to be considered accurate. How effective is data visualization? For that 65%, it is vital. For those of us that are not visual learners, data visualizations still save us the time of skimming figures.

Data Visualization Software Solutions

Choosing an analytical dashboard solution like Style Intelligence, which comes with machine learning integrated dashboards and reporting, could benefit you and your team. You can profile data faster, use data visualization to verify manipulations and even add data transformation so you can see your results at a glance.

Dashboard data visualization programs monitor your KPIs or metrics as you work. All you need to do is leave it running in the background and check in once in a while to receive your results. Data should be displayed with interesting visuals, allowing you at glance feedback on your day’s work.