The skin, our natural protective cover protects us from the sun, hot shower water, heated dry air, car exhaust, and more.It is therefore important to clean and maintain it regularly. To do so, you need to understand what type of skin you have and then use the right cream. For example, those who tend to have dry skin on their face need a rich moisturizer. If you have oily skin, you should avoid very oily creams - but still not forego moisture.

Dermatologists believe that you should also apply cream to your body two to three times a week. If it is a natural skincare care product that doesn’t contain chemicals, you can apply skin cream every day. In this way, the skin will be well cared for.Those who shower with hot water daily can also use cream more often because hot water and shower gel can remove the natural oils and moisture from the skin.

Can you put on too much skin cream?

You have probably wondered whether the skin gets used to the fact that we constantly apply lotion and adapts to produce the appropriate amount of moisture itself. The answer to this is controversial.

Studies by experts at Aura Sensory seem to confirm this theory. The consistent use of skin creams strengthens the protective function of the skin for a period. However, if you stop the frequent application of cream, the skin could get drier at first, which means it adapts to rely on the skin cream for moisture. Studies also found that using skin cream too often, particularly conventional creams with synthetic chemicals can cause the surface of the skin to become compromised to allow pollutants to penetrate more easily. It is therefore advisable to minimize the use of conventional skincare products, or, ideally, switch to natural products that use only natural ingredients.

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