Sitecore happens to be a leading online experience tool that gets used by different organizations worldwide. The purpose is to create personalized and seamless digital experiences. Sitecore happens to be the integrated platform that gets powered by the .net CMS, digital, and commerce marketing tools. Its key product is the XP Sitecore Experience Platform, which combines strong CMS and content management systems.

Sitecore is now evolving, with every update offering further innovative tools for the purpose. The cloud-first experience platform provides you with shopping experiences via Sitecore Experience Commerce. If you want to learn more about what Sitecore is, here’s understanding more on this front.

What is Sitecore?

It turns out to be a common one and understandably described as the web content management platform. Sitecore has gone to recognize the software currently. On this note, here go the multiple benefits of Sitecore to marketers. Sitecore happens to be a completely featured, connected experience platform. One can do much more other than manage the online content. Here is the out-of-the-box functionality:

  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Personalization
  • Building campaigns
  • Content optimization
  • Garnering a view of individual customers

With the Sitecore platform, you will be able to deliver, optimize, and create for the end-to-end user experience. It will span acquisition, conversion, nurturing, advocacy, and retention. You can perform this through the given pointers:

  • Relevant content for building engagement
  • Timely provide for increasing conversion rates
  • Personalized communications to aid advocacy
  • Social media for amplification and greater reach
  • Seamless enrolment to the assets such as whitepapers and newsletters
  • Self-Service for customers and users

Definition of Sitecore for a modern-day customer

It’s seamless for measuring campaign success & personalizing content through the customer touch-points. One will be able to get closer to the customers and make them feel special around various channels used by them:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Store
  • Mobile
  • Phone
  • Mail
  • Email

The standout benefit of experience platforms to the marketers is all the data that you collect on the customer and it gets stored in a single place. It can get linked to the customer relationship management system for single views of individual customers.

The most amazing way to find more of the powerful features of this platform and how they benefit the organization is to book a demo. You can simply get a clear insight into the benefits accordingly.